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Grappling (Submission Wrestling)

Grappling skills are the most important building block in competitive mixed martial arts. As most martial arts instructors will tell you, 90 percent of all fights—sanctioned or unsanctioned—find their way to the ground. Our instructors believe in teaching all aspects of grappling, and our classes reflect that: here, you’ll learn not only how to apply and escape submissions, but to gain and maintain the kind of positioning that can help you control and dominate your opponent.   While our instructors teach advanced grappling techniques, our focus is also on avoiding injuries and providing a safe atmosphere to learn. For more experienced grapplers, we also offer a class specializing in various clinch and takedown techniques.  From a conditioning standpoint, grappling is a completely unique experience.  Unlike almost every other exercise, competitors feel strong resistance against every motion, which improves muscular and cardiovascular endurance dramatically. Come out and experience this first-hand in one of our classes!