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Competition Grappling

Competition Grappling

Skill level

Open to those grappling students who would like more opportunity for live grappling and/or for those students who would like to compete.


Class Description

       -Focus on Gi and No-Gi live sparring allows students to adequately prepare for competition

       -Live grappling and situationals with instructor supervision and input


Gear required


<!--  Mouthpiece

        Groin cup


General Information

Grappling is also known as “no-gi jiu jitsu” or “submission wrestling.”  Our instructors believe in teaching all aspects of grappling, and our classes reflect that: here, you’ll learn not only how to apply and escape submissions, but to gain and maintain the kind of positioning that can help you control and dominate your opponent. 


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the world’s premier grappling art, combining skill, strategy, and quickness into a nearly unbeatable mix of submission holds, wrestling takedowns, and reversals.  At its best, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a combination of wrestling and human chess, requiring stamina and fitness but also a sharp mind.  It’s unique from other martial arts in its unwavering devotion to form: physical strength is important but not paramount – technique trumps everything, and proper technique and leverage have allowed Brazilian Jiu Jitsu masters to regularly defeat opponents two and three times their size.

Coach: Rick McCoy